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TECBOND 267/43is a high performance adhesive formulated for Polyolefin plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene. This adhesive has a high heat resistance of 110ºC and good low-temperature resistance of -30ºC. To achieve a good bond on polypropylene it is important that the bond is made at the highest temperature possible ie > 200˚C Good bonds can be achieved on polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, nylon, rigid PVC, light gauge metals and polystyrene and many other substrates. All bonds should be tested at least 24 hours after assembly at both the high and low temperatures they will be expected to withstand in service. Due to the unique flexible nature of TECBOND 267 it is only available in 43mm cartridges.


Colour: Light Brown



1kg - approx 17 sticks/slugs

5kg - approx 85 sticks/slugs

10kg - approx 170 sticks/slugs

25kg- approx 425 sticks/slugs



Size: 43mm diameter X 43mm length

Glue gun: 43mm hot glue gun running at 195°C (TEC3200 recommended, also works with TEC3150, TEC6100 and TEC7100)

Viscosity: High

Purpose: Suitable for craft card and paper

Setting time: Fast

Shelf life: Indefinite


TECBOND 267/43mm Glue Sticks for Polyolefin

PriceFrom £37.00
VAT Included
  • Various slug amounts available.

    Can be used with any 43mm Glue Gun

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