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TECBOND 232/12 is an economical, clear or translucent, general purpose, hot melt adhesive formulated for use to bond fabrics, wood, card, paper, foam, some plastics & flowers to oasis. It has a high viscosity and medium molten tack which gives it excellent gap filling abilities and low sag. 


Colour: Clear



12 sticks

1/2kg approx 17 sticks

1kg - approx 34 sticks

5kg - approx 170 sticks

25kg - approx 850 sticks (5 x 5kg boxes)



Size: 12mm diameter X 300mm length

Glue gun: 12mm hot glue gun running at 195°C (TEC820 recommended, will work with TEC305, TEC805 and TEC810)

Viscosity: Medium

Purpose: Suitable for card, board, wood, and paper.

Setting time: Fast

Shelf life: Indefinite


TECBOND 232/12mm Crafting Glue Sticks

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  • Various stick amounts available.

    Can be used with any 12mm Glue Gun

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