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TECBOND 213/12 economical, general-purpose hot melt glue sticks are available in a range of amounts. It is formulated for use to bond gripper rods to floorboards, ceramics, wood, rigid pvc and polystyrene. These economical, medium viscosity, high molten tack adhesive glue sticks are ideal to bond cores for foundries and porous surfaces such as foam and fabric. All bonds should be tested at least 24 hours after assembly at both high and low temperatures they will be expected to withstand during service.


Colour: Light Brown



12 sticks

1/2kg - approx 17 sticks

1kg - approx 34 sticks

5kg - approx 170 sticks

25kg - approx 850 sticks (5 x 5kg boxes)



Size: 12mm diameter X 300mm length

Glue gun: 12mm hot glue gun running at 195°C (TEC820 recommended, also works with TEC305, TEC806 and TEC810)

Viscosity: High

Purpose: Suitable for gripper rods, floorboards, ceramics, rigid pvc, polystyrene.

Setting time: Fast

Shelf life: Indefinite


TECBOND 213/12mm Carpet Glue Sticks

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  • Various stick amounts available.

    Can be used with any 12mm Glue Gun

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