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The TEC 3400 is an Eco Friendly, High Output Applicator, dispensing up to 3.8kg of adhesive per hour (depending on the formulation) is electronic technology at its best, making it the ideal production tool for product assembly, packaging, sealing, electrical potting and encapsulation. Instant bonding of virtually any material ensures fast, efficient, cost-effective production. The high-efficiency heater housing, coupled with advanced electronic circuitry and Plug in Module temperature controllers, guarantees adhesive at the right temperature just when you need it.



Digital Temperature Microcontroller : The TEC 3400 features Power Adhesives new patented Ecotec intelligent technology in conjunction with the latest generation of easily removable plug-in modules (PIMs).  It offers much greater precision, flexibility and control compared to the earlier analogue controllers.


The TEC 3400 can be left switched on for long periods of time without causing problems with the glue overheating (care should be taken when using soft glue formulations). If the TEC 3400 is left on but not in use for 20 minutes, the automatic stand-by cuts in and reduces the temperature of the gun in a number of precise, timed steps which protects the tool and prevents the adhesive from melting back, conserving power and affording a fast recovery if the tool is to be used again.  After a period of 2 hours continuous non-use the tool will switch to shut down mode where the heater will be switched off completely, saving further energy, improving safety, and causing the tool to cool to ambient temperature. In stand-by mode or shut-down mode, simply pulling the trigger resets the mode and the tool rapidly recovers to its set operating temperature for use once again.


Operation of the TEC 3400 is simplicity itself.  Once the glue gun has heated up initially, adhesive is extruded by simply squeezing the trigger, and the adhesive flow rate is regulated by trigger pressure. A valved nozzle ensures clean shut off.  With a higher output than the TEC 3200 it features a unique trigger boost functionality, monitoring the tools trigger operations to determine whether it is in continuous operation and increasing the temperature and the output slightly to compensate for the increased demand. Inbuilt self-diagnostic checks allow it to recognise the correct plug-in modules are used and correctly inserted and that the internal control functions are working correctly.  If a fault is found, the code is flashed via the indicator light and the tool will be prevented from heating up or will cool down if already hot.  The indicator light shows the tool is ready for use by a constantly on light and when flashing, the flash rate shows when the tool is heating up, almost at temperature, in standby or in shut-down mode


The TEC 3400, loaded with two TECBOND 43mm cartridges, can never run out of adhesive as a cartridge always remains in the gun at the right temperature. Reloading takes just seconds.


A powerful 400W stainless steel heater cartridge, combined with the efficient heater housing, provides a fast warm-up, and the Ecotec controller ensures accuracy of the set temperature. This, combined with the non-stick PTFE barrel and easy-action trigger, results in smooth free-flow adhesive application.


Safety and efficiency are the bywords with the TEC 3400. It is designed to comply with worldwide industrial and electrical safety standards and has a totally enclosed heater housing and in-built thermal fuse protection to avoid temperature runaway in the case of component failure.


The TEC 3400 is supplied complete with an integral gun stand, suspension ring, full operating instructions and a one year, return to base, industrial guarantee.

TEC3400 43mm Industrial Hot Melt Glue Gun

VAT Included
  • Crystal Clear Colour

    Can be used with any 12mm Glue Gun

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