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This is our own formulation, high-quality, water-based adhesive with a proven record of over 20 years. Specifically created to be used to make Cold Porcelain Paste for flowers and modelling.


Combining our specialist formula adhesive with baby oil and cornflour (ratios and instructions included) and cooking in a non-stick pan, creates a unique, malleable paste. This paste can be used to sculpt flowers, characters, scenes and more. It air-dries to create a lightweight, detailed sculpture, ideal for use as decorations.


The dried sculptures can be painted using acrylic paint, add powder sugar paste colours into the paste or dust with them, once dried to add a pop of colour and bring your creations to life. When the paste is fully dry, we recommend spraying the finished item with clear acrylic varnish in aerosols.


Please note, if used as a decoration for cakes or any edible items, these are NOT edible. Equipment should be washed in cold or warm water before the adhesive or paste sets. The adhesive in the container needs to be kept in a cool dark cupboard away from frost.

Cold Porcelain Adhesive

PriceFrom £17.00
1 Kilogram
VAT Included
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