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Our C64-31 Matt Black, Water Based Speaker Paint has been specially developed and manufactured by ourselves to be an easy to apply, high solids coating which dries to a tough, durable finish with the application texture and a matt finish. It is usually applied by roller or pump spray system to the outsides of industrial speakers & flight cases. As the product is manufactured by ourselves we can guarantee that we do not use any raw materials which contain VOC's and is solvent-free. The paint is thixotropic and has excellent adhesion to birch plywood, MDF and wood and other substrates including metal, and it is also a self-crosslinking product giving excellent water resistance when dry and is very rapid drying. In the event of unforeseen damage to cabinets, the coating is very easy to touch up and can be recoated when needed which ensures the cabinets are easy to maintain.


Many theatres also use the C64-31 paint for their sets and some even use it for their stages.



The self crosslinking properties can take up to 7 days to come up to full hardness and durability but this can be accelerated with heat in a drying cabinet if required.  A first coat is usually dry within 15 minutes, subsequent coats and spatter coats may take longer.  The cabinets can be moved and stacked as soon as the product is fully dry, however, the increase in durability after a week is very noticeable. From experience, most customers achieve a coverage area of upwards of 4 metres squared per kg of the product.  Better results are achieved by 2 or 3 thinner coats rather than one heavier coat.  
Different patterns can be achieved depending upon the application method.  An eggshell finish is achieved by using a gloss roller; a rougher finish by using exterior open-cell plastic foam rollers. When spraying, we have found that a pump system gives the best results because it allows accurate control of the product supply and air supply pressures ensuring your finish is easy to replicate; however many customers do use a pressure pot system as well.  The best result is achieved by applying a smooth coat and allowing it to dry for 15-20 minutes and then applying a "splatter" coat using a high product volume and low air pressure.
As the product is water-based and contains no solvents; it can crack if it is applied over solvented or cellulose fillers or existing solvented paints, some customers have covered solvented fillers with D3 wood adhesive to create a barrier between the filler and coating, but better results are achieved by using our polyamide Knot-tec fillers which set and can be sanded and planed within minutes or our Briancon powder fillers.  To prepare a new surface, lightly sand the surface and ensure it is free from dust, grease and silicone.  For precoated cabinets with C64-31, sand the surface well to remove any surface contaminants, grease and dirt before recoating.  Other manufacturers coatings should either be fully removed or an area should be tested and left to check the adhesion and ensure the coating doesn't crack.



We can supply colours which are a special order product on request.  In this instance you need to supply either a physical sample of the colour or a RAL colour; we cannot match to computer colours.  Our maximum batch manufacturing size is 100kg and although we use approved light cabinets there can be a variation in colours from batch to batch. The pigments we use are lightfast wherever possible and lighter colours will need more coats than darker colours.


Shelf Life

The C64-31 has a 6-month shelf life, unopened.  If containers are part used and being left for a period we recommend covering the surface with plastic or cling film.  The paint should be stored between 5 and 20°C and frost / freezing must be avoided.

C64-31 Matt Black Speaker Paint

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