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B-tec 808-12 12mm Cordless, battery-operated, medium-weight industrial glue gun. 

Cordless, light-weight usage industrial glue gun designed to work with the Ryobi One+ 18V battery.  Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee and Bosch 18volt professional batteries can be used with the corresponding Badapter which are available separately.


Tec cordless glue guns are the only truly professional long run-time battery-operated tools available. The cordless operation provides new freedom to apply fast-setting hot melt adhesives indoors and out. Ideal if mains power is not available or when extension leads are undesirable, such as in public areas, or when working at height on ladders and scaffolding.


Tec cordless tools are designed to use the Ryobi One+ battery system which includes batteries in various Amp Hour ratings. The smallest - 2.5 Amp Hour - will run a tec cordless gun for 1 hour 15 minutes in performance mode, or 2 hours 30 minutes in Eco mode.


Batteries are available with 2.5. 4.0 and 5.0 Amp Hour ratings - the largest of which can power a b-tec tool for over 5 hours in Eco mode.


Battery, Badapters and charger are not included, available separately



  • Runs on 18volt Ryobi One+ battery power with an output of 2kg/hr
  • Uses 12mm (1/2") diameter glue sticks
  • Features dual temperature setting with eco mode to extend battery life - runs at 195ºC on Performance mode (indicated by the red light) and 165ºC in Eco mode (shown by the blue light).
  • Self-regulating PTC heater
  • Has a 3 minute warm-up time & illuminated on / off switch
  • Fully compatible with the Badaptor battery adaptors
  • Weight without battery, 530gm
  • PET blister packed


B-TEC808 12mm Cordless Hot Melt Glue Gun

VAT Included
    • All 12mm grades may be used inthe Performance mode.  
    • The following 4 grades are suitable for use in the ECO mode:
    • 5/12 - High delivery, low viscosity, long open time, product assembly adhesive.  For wood, plastic & metals. Light brown colour
    • 261/12 High performance, tough, flexible adhesive with long open time. For use with ceramics, plastics incl PP/ PE & woods. Pale amber colour
    • 248/12 Very high performance, acrylic-based hot melt. Excellent adhesion to smooth and shiny surfaces. Translucent/Clear colour 
    • 280 Polyolefin-based adhesive formulated to make rapid bonds that are still adjustable up to 3 minutes after adhesive application. Excellent adhesion on wood. Light brown colour
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