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5377 is our own formulation of Water-Based Black Stain / Dye which has a proven track record in the industry for coating the inside of loud speakers cabinets or flight cases.  It is a rapid setting black coating that usually dries with a matt finish as the first coat soaks into the board (birch, chipboard, plywood or other softwoods).  The stain is usually applied by brush, roller or a spray system may be used if preferred. Subsequent coats will increase the gloss of the finish.  We do have some customers who apply up to 7 coats and then buff polish the coating to give a piano type finish which shows the grain of the wood for the outsides of the speakers. Alternatively, it may be covered by a water-based varnish for a durable final finish.



The surfaces to be bonded should be clean, dry and free from dust. As the 5377 Back coating is water-based, the drying time will be slightly longer in lower temperatures or higher humidity.


Equipment should be washed in cold or warm water before the coating dries. The coating does not contain any raw materials with VOC's and is not classifieds as hazardous.



The product is supplied in a 5kg jerry can with a handle.  Other packaging and colours are available, please contact us for details.


As we manufacture this product we can adjust the viscosity or properties to suit your own equipment.  If you have any questions about your application, please contact our technical department via message or through our business details and we will be happy to assist you.

5377 Black Speaker Paint

PriceFrom £17.00
VAT Included
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