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Our own formulation of High-Quality Water-Based PVA Adhesive which has a proven track record in the industry for the manufacture of pads.  It is a rapid setting, strong adhesive with the ability to be used on thicker cartridge paper as well as standard pads giving clean tear-off of the sheets.  The adhesive is usually applied by brush, however, a small roller may be used if preferred. The adhesive dries rapidly forming a clear and flexible bond.



As our 336 PVA adhesive is water-based, one surface needs to be porous so the water can escape as the adhesive dries and sets.


Equipment should be washed in cold or warm water before the adhesive sets.


As we manufacture this product we can adjust the viscosity or properties to suit your own equipment.  If you have any questions about your application, please contact our technical department via message or through our business details and we will be happy to assist you.

336 Paper & Card PVA Adhesive

5 Kilograms
VAT Included
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